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Susan Giacchi

Author, Entrepreneur, Dreamer!

New Release

Magnificently Made

A special limited-edition printing!

An 8x10 beautifully designed hardcover coffee table book with 11 sections, 33 chapters, 424 full color satin pages…


Inspired Girl Publishing Group is honored to bring forth the Inspired Girl Anthology “Magnificently Made” 


“Magnificently Made has real stories of trials and triumphs, inspiring you to go all in on your life.“ 

- Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First

Reading through the pages, I discovered a profound truth: each one of us is truly magnificent. Prepare to be moved and transformed by these powerful testimonies...

Tara Fogarty-Graziano, Emmy Award-Winning Producer

Praise & Reviews

Susan Giacchi (1).png

About Susan Giacchi's
Journey to Dreams

In this powerful chapter, Journey to Dreams, Susan Giacchi shares the story about how her dream came to fruition during the most unlikely of times. Filled with divine moments and surrounded by love, Susan identifies five keys that literally unlocked her dreams, and gives sage advice we all can learn from!

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